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Air Pressure Testing

Checklist of items to be completed prior to our arrival on site.

1. A copy of the Architectural drawings in advance of  visiting the site. ( Several days  in  advance  to  enable us to complete the necessary calculations ).

The Design Air Leakage rate or Air Permeability rate for the dwelling.

This information can be found on your SAP Rating documentation as issued by the SAP Assessor.  It is important that you advise us of this.

If you do  not  advise us  of  this  figure, then  we  will  assume  the maximum allowable figure for Part L1A which is 10m3 / (h.m2 )@50Pa

If you advise us incorrectly and as a result the dwelling fails, you  will be charged  for the re-test.

3. We require that 240 V mains Electricity supply is on and live and that an Electrical Socket is  situated  within 5 metres of our  testing equipment set up at normally the front  door.  ( If not please advise distance to the nearest ).
4. Ensure  that the dwelling building envelope is finished.  All doors, windows and claddings must be installed. If any are missing due to damage then  they can be  temporarily sealed by yourselves.
5. Have a competent member of staff available on the test  day to modify or  seal any areas that we identify as requiring extra work. A good supply of mastic / decorators caulk and board material etc would be useful in case areas  need to be  sealed.
6. If the door chosen for the test has a larger opening than 1.1m x 2.2m high, you will need to modify the opening to accommodate our standard template, or choose another door if  suitable.
7. Seal all ducts and penetrations where the main services enter the building. ie : Gas, Electric BT, Water, Cable.
8. Seal all SVP and waste pipe penetrations passing through the external walls and  ceilings.  Make sure that the tops, sides and ends of all pipe / svp boxings are sealed  to prevent air leaking into the boxing and escaping through these penetrations.
9. Bath panels should also be fully  sealed.
10. Ensure that all windows and external doors are closed fully.
11. All penetrations through floors and ceilings should be sealed.
12. Boiler  flues at  the wall  penetration  point  should  be  sealed with mastic.
13. In houses constructed  from  Timber Frame or where dot and dab plasterboard has been  fixed to the inside face of blockwork perimeter walls, the gap between the bottom of the plasterboard and floor  needs to be sealed at  every  floor level.  Alternately, the gap  between the bottom of the skirting board and floor can be sealed  with mastic.   This prevents air leaking behind the wall  board and  passing above the ceiling board into the roof space.
14. In some dwellings, storage cupboards have been built into the roof space. The doors/hatch openings when closed should seal the room from the roof space. Fit  draught excluder strips to top, bottom and both sides of the door frame.
15. If we arrive on site and are delayed due to the site not being prepared adequately, or items in this checklist not being completed prior to our arrival, we reserve the right to cancel the test. The full test fee will be payable.
16. If you have any  questions about the building  preparation or the actual test, please telephone or email our office ( not on the day of the test ) to discuss them.


General Items
1. Whilst  we  would prefer  to  have  the  building  empty apart  from ourselves for the duration of the test, people can stay in the building whilst the test is in  progress. They may not however enter or leave during the test period  once  the  equipment is  set up and  readings commenced.  Furthermore  all  windows and  external doors are to remain  closed  during this  period. ( Approximately 30 minutes ).

Ideally a Parking  space for a  vehicle  within 10  metres of the test dwelling would be appreciated on the day as equipment is heavy with several items to include in transportation.

We are here to help you achieve a pass at the first attempt.

Please use our contact page to send us an email or call us on 01303 260656.


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